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Did you just experience the pain of writing a check to the IRS?  What if instead, you could have written that check to buy the yacht of your dreams? It’s not too good to be true, it’s Business Yacht Ownership®!

What is ‘Business Yacht Ownership®?’

Business Yacht Ownership® is a way to purchase the yacht of your dreams  while offsetting up to 80-100% of new yacht costs!  A yacht is a large investment and Business Yacht Ownership® offers the least expensive way to own a new yacht. This is not a time-share, fractional ownership or a fixed revenue ‘program’ or ‘plan.’  Business Yacht Ownership® is completely personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual owner.

How Does it Actually Work?

Business Yacht Ownership® couples charter revenue with tested tax strategies to offset the costs of yacht ownership.  You select any yacht you want to purchase and our team provides guidance and suggestions on the best options for charter.   You create an LLC and establish a small business for your yacht, and with expert guidance, develop a proper, for-profit yacht business. We refer all potential buyers to Bill Lahr, an independent fiduciary, and the YachtCFO.  Bill has advised hundreds of clients on yacht purchases and assisted with establishing their successful yacht businesses.

We then manage your yacht in our charter program.  The charter revenue generated is used to offset your ownership costs; dockage, insurance, maintenance etc.   In addition to charter revenue, there are huge financial opportunities through leveraging effective tax strategies for your yacht purchase as well as depreciation.   Since you are establishing a for-profit LLC with your yacht, any tax advantages can flow through to your personal tax returns.

The best part of Business Yacht Ownership® is it can be applied to any yacht you want to purchase and the financial structure is specifically tailored to your personal circumstances and goals.  

How Do I know This Is Legitimate?

Our Fountaine Pajot partners at Atlantic Cruising Yachts, have helped over 800 buyers over the last two decades through their Business Yacht Ownership® program!   Bill Lahr, and his team at Archetype Advisors are independent fiduciaries and financial planners with decades of experience specializing in how to legally and effectively establish a yacht business.  Bill assists clients with developing comprehensive financial business plans that couple charter revenue and individualized tax strategies to own a yacht in the least expensive way possible. The best testament for Business Yacht Ownership® and Bill Lahr is many clients are on their second or even third yacht purchase!

But What About Audits?

People often worry that having a 'yacht business’ is a red flag for an audit.  This completely depends on how you establish your yacht business, and if you actually intend operate as a for-profit business.  If you establish the business correctly, you are at no more risk of an audit than any other small business operating in the US.

If you work with Bill Lahr and his team, they will help you take the steps from day-one to establish your yacht LLC as a legitimate small business. They utilize proven financial planning and tax strategies to ensure your business is set up for both financial and legal success.  Additionally, by partnering with Virgin Charter Yachts, an established yacht charter company, you demonstrate an active intent to charter your yacht and generate revenue for your small business. Your yacht will be cared for and managed by our industry experts with more than two decades of charter management experience.  

How Do I Find Out More?

If you think Business Yacht Ownership® is right for you, we are always happy to speak with you to provide you additional information!  You can email Alexia Lucas, owner of Virgin Charter Yachts, at or call direct at 1-284-346-5838.  Additionally, Bill Lahr offers webinars where you can learn more about his services and expertise as the YachtCFO.

A Final Caveat

We are a yacht charter company, not tax or financial advisors! Through our Business Yacht Ownership® program, we have developed fantastic partnerships with financial planners and independent fiduciaries who we look to for their knowledge and expertise in tax strategies.   They share what they know with us and we are happy to share it with you. Everyone’s situation is different and we ALWAYS recommend you consult your own financial team to develop a plan that is best for you.


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BoatyBall has just arrived to the BVI and is already changing the charter experience for the better!  With more than 2000 BoatyBall on-line mooring ball reservations since launch in 2019, BoatyBall is set to revolutionize the charter industry!


What is 'BoatyBall?'

BoatyBall is a new web-based ap, that lets you reserve mooring balls in advance in select BVI mooring fields.   You are also able to pay your BoatyBall mooring fees directly through the on-line ap!  You simply log in, identify the mooring ball you want to reserve that day, pay your mooring fee online and arrive to your mooring at your convenience -knowing your BoatyBall is reserved and waiting for you after a fun day on the water! 


Where is BoatyBall Available?

There are currently three locations where BoatyBall mooring balls are available: 

  1. Cooper Island Beach Club (12 BoatyBalls)
  2. Anegada Reef Hotel (5 BoatyBalls)
  3. Leverick Bay Marina (10 BoatyBalls)

Only a select number of the mooring balls in these locations are BoatyBalls; the majority are still general public moorings that are first come, first serve.  In each location you must look for the bright red BoatyBalls that are clearly designated and marked as belonging to BoatyBall. 

BoatyBall currently has plan to add more than 40 additional mooring balls across other popular mooring fields in the BVI. 

How Do I Reserve a BoatyBall?

1. Go to and select “Boater App”
2. Create an account and look for confirmation email
3. After confirming account enter boat information and payment methods
under the account profile
4. Reservable moorings are made available every morning at 7 am
5. Orange moorings are available for reservation and grey moorings have
already been reserved for the day
6. To reserve, select an orange mooring in the app and select payment.
The mooring icon will turn into a red flag once payment is confirmed.
7. Explore the app for restaurants, dive & snorkel sites, marinas, and much

***Be sure you have already created your account and set your wake-up alarm: most BoatyBalls are reserved within 5 minutes of opening each morning!!!***

You can arrive at your BoatyBall by 12 noon on the day you reserved, and you must leave by 12 noon on the following day.   At this time you cannot reserve a ball for more than one day.  You also must arrive at your BoatyBall before 5pm on the day of your reservation. 

How is BoatyBall Enforced?

Each BoatyBall is numbered, and when you make a reservation it is for a specific numbered BoatyBall mooring.  'But what do I do if I reserve a BoatyBall and someone is on my ball???'  Each resort; Cooper, Anegada Reef Hotel, and Leverick Bay have been assigned a 'bay manager' to help ensure that only people who have paid for a BoatyBall through the ap are on the designated moorings.  If you arrive to you ball and someone is 'squatting' on your ball, please contact the resort and they will assist you in having that vessel moved to another ball.  You can also email and they will provide you a very prompt response and also contact the resort on your behalf to assist with the removal of the offending vessel. 

As the awareness of BoatyBall builds, these situations are happening less and less.  But if this happens to you please also provide the 'bay manager' the offending boat name/charter company so BoatyBall can notify the charter base to help provide additional education on the BoatyBall mooring reservation system to hopefully prevent future issues. 

Why Use BoatyBall?

BoatBall is a great resource that allows charter guest a chance to spend more time out on the water enjoying the sites and experiences they want to have in the BVI.  No more worries about frantically rallying your crew to try and beat another boat to a mooring ball in a prime location.  With BoatyBall you can enjoy your day and arrive to your next destination relaxed; knowing that your BoatyBall mooring ball is reserved and waiting for you. 

BoatyBall also offers charter guests additional piece of mind, as they are only partnering with locations who ensure they are providing safe moorings.  Owners of BoatyBall moorings pay to have their moorings maintained and inspected (unfortunately this is not the case with all moorings in the BVI and this is why we say guests should always dive their mooring after tying up to ensure the mooring is safe and secure).  

BoatyBall is a fantastic addition to the BVI charter scene, and we look forward to seeing additional locations and mooring balls being added soon! 

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We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Angeleyes, the ultimate charter yacht! Angeleyes couples an exceptional crew with a stunning new yacht offering more volume than many 100' footers.  Angeleyes is the perfect choice for guests looking to experience the most fun and luxury possible on a BVI crewed yacht charter! 

Head-turning Design 

Angeleyes is a stunning example of the Horizon FD85’s design concept: to take advantage of the voluminous 24' beam and provide areas, both indoors and out, for charter guests to enjoy the ultimate yacht for entertaining and relaxing. Angeleyes’ main salon incorporates huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows, allowing guests to enjoy the ever changing island view. The interior dining table can seat 8 and can be used for more formal dining, with another large dining table on the aft deck for 10 when guests prefer to dine alfresco. The interior is modern yet comfortable, mixing elegant Wenge and Sycamore woods with brand new contemporary furniture.  

Angeleyes' spacious aft deck and open flybridge invite quality time spent with family and friends. The flybridge is the perfect space for guests to all relax together, with multiple seating area,  full wet bar and pop up outdoor TV that can swivel 360 degrees to enjoy at any angle.  One of the best features of the flybridge is the huge Jacuzzi hot tub; the perfect place to relax with a cocktail and catch an amazing BVI sunset at the end of the day! 

Ideal Charter Layout

Angeleyes offers the perfect layout for couples and friends to enjoy a luxury charter together in the BVI.  With her huge 24’ beam, Angeleyes offers a cabin layout and volume unmatched by similar sized motor yachts. She offers 5 double cabins; 2 King and 3 Queen, all with beautiful en-suite baths.  The master cabin is on-deck with panoramic windows to enjoy the beautiful island views as well as a huge master bath complete with rain shower and jacuzzi bathtub. Below deck are 2 VIP suites with walk-around Queen beds and 2 staterooms with twin beds that both have the option to convert to King beds if preferred based on the guest configuration.  

Phenomenal Crew 

Angeleyes is staffed with an amazing crew who have years of experience, previously operating one of the most popular charter yachts in the BVI; Sea Boss.   Captain Darrel Hearne and Chef Jenn Hart are excited to join Angeleyes and continue sharing their love of the BVI with new guests.  

Darrel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and in 2003 he decided to sell his house, quit the rat race, and go to sea.  He has lived and sailed in the Caribbean for the past eight years, sailing on a variety of vessels in the charter industry (from beautiful and graceful Oyster sailboats, to a 118ft motor yacht).  He has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean, and knows where to find the best bars on most islands; essential knowledge for a charter-boat captain. Darrel is a keen water sports fan, and loves to water-ski, wakeboard, kite board and dive. He loves any excuse to get out on the water, and can't wait to welcome guests aboard Angeleyes! 

Jenn is a versatile chef who works closely with guests to come up with a charter menu tailored to their personal preferences. She enjoys using locally-grown foodstuffs, and tries to incorporate a farm-to-table approach in her cooking. Her favourite culinary creations are classics with a twist.  A keen surfer and beach bum, Jenn’s love of the water and the island life are a perfect fit for the charter lifestyle. Combine that, with her warm and caring nature, and it makes her everyone’s favourite crew member!

Angeleyes is also welcoming aboard a full-time first mate and a full-time stewardess to make sure that all you need to do is sit back and relax! 

Ultimate Charter Experience

To make your charter experience aboard Angeleyes even more memorable,  the yacht comes outfitted with all the water toys you can imagine to make for a great time aboard; paddleboards, kayaks, inflatable islands etc.  Angeleyes also comes equipped with a brand new, state-of-the-art Novurania 24’ tender with 200hp outboard. This tender in uniquely fitted with a drop down bow step, which means the tender can be driven right onto the beach and you can step directly from the tender onto the sandy shore without ever getting wet! 

Angeleyes is now available and accepting booking for the 2019/2020 season!  Get your group together and contact today to book Angeleyes and experience the trip of a lifetime! 

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Were you stuck inside this weekend due to the cold and snow?!  Are you dreaming of trading your mittens, scarfs and boots for a bathing suit, flip flops and umbrella drink!?  A spring bareboat charter to the BVI is the perfect way to escape the winter and bury your feet in 2' of sand rather than snow! 

It's always sunny in BVI!

The British Virgin Islands are beautiful all year round; with average daily highs of 82 degrees and water temps around 78 degrees.   It is sunny almost every day, and even if we get a shower they usually last just long enough to give your yacht a quick rinse off.  February - April are the perfect time to bring the family down to BVI for a bareboat cruise on a powercat or motor yacht.   Leave the cell phones, internet and video games behind and spend quality time as a family snorkeling the beautiful reefs, spotting turtles while paddleboarding or just spending time together relaxing on a deserted beach. 


Luxury Bareboat Options

Virgin Charter Yacht offers a wide variety of yachts and powercats, perfect to cruise around all the stunning islands of the BVI.   For smaller groups and families, 'Another Perfect Season' and 'Caribbean Cat' are great choices for charter.  If you have a larger group of friends all wanting to charter together, 'Wild Blue' and 'Ida Cat' are the ideal choice with their larger sizes, more cabins and upgraded amenities and features.    If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and style then book a charter aboard our stunning Horizon PC60 'Blue Horizon!'   Our bareboat fleet includes amenities and options not typically seen on other bareboats including; water makers, ice makers, huge hydraulic swim platforms, Volvo IPS engines, SubZero and Bosch appliances! 


Amazing itineraries 

Cruising through the BVI on a power catamaran or motor yacht is the perfect way to maximize your vacation.  Our powercats have larger engines and no sails, so you to get to each location quicker and can spend more time ashore at the the best locations the islands have to offer!   When planning your charter make sure you plan stops at some of the most popular natural attractions; The Baths, The Indians, the Wreck of the Rhone as well as our world-famous beach bars and restaurants; Soggy Dollar Bar, the Willy T, Cooper Island Beach Club and Coco Maya - just to name a few!  If you need any help and suggestions make sure to check out our interactive itinerary map that provides your an example of a great itinerary for a week of cruising on a bareboat charter in the BVI. 


20% OFF!


Spring is one of the best times to visit the BVI!  We have just a few open weeks remaining on our most popular motor yacht and power catamaran options.  We are offering a fantastic 20% OFF for any newly booked, last minute weekly bareboat charters occurring in February, March or April 2019!   Hurry and contact our reservations team today to secure your week before the last few openings fill up!

Experience the VCY Difference

Luxury Bareboat Fleet - Family Owned and Operated - Concierge Customer Service 

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 We are thrilled to announce the stunning Fountaine Pajot MY37, 'Another Perfect Season', has arrived in the BVI and is ready for bareboat charter!  This 37' powercat was custom built for charter, and is the perfect combination of size, stability and STYLE!  

Ideal Charter Layout 

'Another Perfect Season' is a Fountain Pajot MY37 powercat with a 4 cabin, 2 head layout.  She is the perfect choice for families, small groups or couples who are looking for a power catamaran for their next BVI charter.  The aft deck has a large dining table where your group can dine alfresco and enjoy a painkiller or two in the comfortable BVI breeze.  The flybridge helm has two comfortable captain seats offering unobstructed ocean views.  To the left of the helm is an expansive sunbed, perfect for relaxing while still being able to converse with the captain while underway.  There is also a large dining table on the flybridge where everyone in your group can dine while watching a stunning BVI sunset. 

Below Deck

Below deck are four comfortable double cabins and a shared head between them in each hull.  'Another Perfect Season' is equipped with a generator and AC so you can keep the temperature cool and comfortable at all times.  There is also a water maker onboard, so you never have to worry about running out of water while cruising.    'Another Perfect Season' comes fully-stocked with all the gear and equipment you need for cruising: sheets, towels, appliances, pots/pans, dinghy etc.  all you need to bring is some swimwear, sunscreen and flip flops!  For a complete list of everything on board 'Another Perfect Season' and suggestions on packing for your BVI yacht charter, check out our bareboat charter planning guide

Comfortable Cruising 

'Another Perfect Season' is NOW AVAILABLE for bareboat charter in the BVI and she is ready to cruise you to all the best spots the BVI has to offer; Soggy Dollar Bar, The Baths, The Willy T, Anegada etc.   We are happy to help offer you suggestions on some of the 'must see' stops, and you can use our interactive itinerary map to plan your next charter! 


As a special gift, the first five guests to book 'Another Perfect Season' now that she has arrived to BVI, will receive a credit of FREE FUEL!   We are giving away up to $500 in free fuel to make cruising 'Another Perfect Season' even more fun and enjoyable.  (Offer valid on newly booked, weekly bareboat charters).  Hurry and contact Amanda today, to book 'Another Perfect Season' now before this great offer is gone!  Email us directly at: 

We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon! 

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It’s taken months to plan your BVI charter and it seemed as though this day would never come.  But finally, all that’s left to do is pack and head for the airport. No worries, you say...I’ve got this. But as you stand in front of your closet in the middle of January with the temperature dipping below freezing outside, you scratch your head and realize that you have no idea how to pack for your upcoming trip. We've got you covered. Let's start with the basics...

Luggage Size Matters

No matter what we say to you here, chances are, you WILL overpack. There’s your first hint.

You are going to be amazed at how little you actually need to pack for this vacation. But if you are going to overpack, make sure it's with a soft, collapsable duffle because there isn’t a lot of storage on a boat (see below). Picture this–every one of your guests brings a large rolling suitcase and because storage space is limited, everyone has to live amongst them for the duration of the trip. Don't do it, many people have and regretted it. I would say that’s a good start. 


What Goes, What Stays?

Now, here’s the hard part….what goes and what stays at home?

This might be a good time to talk about lifestyle in the BVI. Everything here is very laid back and casual, unless of course you're at a resort. Think bathing suits and beach bars by day….dressy shorts and Bermuda camp shirts by night, and that’s only at the nicest restaurants. In other words, there are very few dress codes, anywhere. And ladies, if you feel like dressing up, you might bring along a sundress or two, but plan on wearing them with sandals or flip flops. As you can well imagine, high heels and dinghies don’t mix. And unless you are docked (which is rare) the only way into shore is by dinghy.

Throw in a pair of tennis shoes to hike around the islands, a hat and one lightweight jacket for those cooler evenings and there you have it. Are you starting to see how one, small suitcase will be plenty? In essence, most people get by with t-shirts, bathings suits and shorts for 90% of this vacation.

Other Charter Necessities

Our charter boats come complete with all linens including shower & beach towels so there’s no need to pack any of that.  However, we do recommend that you bring any toiletries that you might need including plenty of suntan lotion, sunburn cream and bug repellant...all very hard to come by in the BVI! We include one roll of toilet paper and shower essentials per head for each charter.

Don’t forget those all important medications as well, including seasick remedies if needed and pain relievers if you plan on partying the night away.  I assure you it’s no small feat trying to hunt down aspirin on most of the islands.

What NOT to Pack on Charter

Now that we have covered what to pack, perhaps we should mention what NOT to pack.  HAIRDRYERS for one!  They take up a lot of room in a suitcase and really aren’t compatible with boating life.  You certainly can use them ashore in resort shower facilities but we don’t recommend their use on a boat. Most people learn that lesson the hard way wondering why they keep tripping circuit breakers. We’ll cover that in the chart briefing!  

Most of our charter guests also find that it’s best to leave jewelry and valuables at home.  If you choose to bring make-up, waterproof is your best option. Remember those dinghy rides? Very seldom are they completely dry experiences. Oh! And don’t forget the dry bags for cell phones and cameras. There are rare occasions where you'll need to step into the water to reach the beach. Often times the biggest dilemma is whether or not to bring your phone along for pictures knowing it might get wet; dry bags are your solution!

The Most Important Charter Item to Pack!

Last but not least, double check that you’ve packed all your travel documents including Passports and Visas, drivers license, cash and credit cards.  At least then if you've forgotten something, everything else you can buy!

For a complete list of things to consider when packing for your BVI yacht charter, check out our bareboat charter planning guide.

Now, what time is that flight? See you in the BVI!


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Since the end of 2017, the marina situation in the British Virgin Islands has been uncertain at best. Thanks to the folks over at BVI Traveller Marinas Report, we now have a better understanding of the current state at some of our favorite BVI marinas. 

Sure, there’s very little chance that you will run out of fuel while cruising in the BVI for a week, but unless you can discipline 8+ guests to take 3-minute showers, you’re probably going to need a refill on water at some point; not to mention ice for your coolers and additional food provisions. Luckily there are excellent marinas scattered throughout the islands that can come to your rescue. 

Let's take a peek at some of our favorite marinas and what's now online at those locations.

Marinas on Tortola

Nanny Cay Marina

Of course we have to start with one of our favorite. Make sure to check out all that Nanny Cay Marina has to offer before leaving the dock on your charter. And feel feel to pop back in throughout your trip if you are in the area and have a need for our facilities.

Sopers Hole Marina

Located on the West End of Tortola in Frenchman’s Cay.

Marina Cay

Situated on a a small 8-acre island located just off East End Tortola.  

Marinas on Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor 

Located on the southwestern shore of Virgin Gorda, just north of the Baths in St. Thomas Bay.

Leverick Bay

Located in the North Sound on the north end of Virgin Gorda.

Marinas on Jost Van Dyke

North Latitude Marina 

Located on the south side of Jost Van Dyke in Great Harbour.

For additional up-to-date marina information, check out the BVI Traveller Marinas Report.  Keep in mind that some of the marina’s are still rebuilding after Irma and are hoping to have more services available in 2019. Visit our Charter Resources Guide for more information on marinas. 

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The Caribbean, and British Virgin Islands in particular, are often know as the ‘billionaires playground’ given the concentration of billionaires and high profile celebrities that own real estate in the crystal blue waters of the BVI.  Instead of simply building the most amazing house or purchasing the largest luxury yacht, these industry titans have taken it a step further – they just bought a private island all for themselves!

So if you’re dreaming of how you would spend your lottery winnings, or just need to be transported away from reality for a few moments, take a look these the amazing islands below.  But be warned: some of these many insight a major case of envy and wanderlust! ???

1.   Sir Richard Branson – Necker Island

Virgin Group founder, Sir Richard Branson, has called the British Virgin Islands, and Necker Island specifically, his home for decades.  Necker Island is home to the ‘Great House’ in addition to multiple other villas that are often rented by celebrities and high profile world leaders (including former President Obama) when they want to relax in the low key, laid back atmosphere of the BVI. 

photo source: nbcnews

2.  Sir Richard Branson (again!) – Mosquito Island

When one British Virgin Island isn’t enough, you buy a second!   Sir Richard Branson bought neighboring Mosquito Island and has just completed development of a stunning eco-lodge.  Guests can rent individual villas or the entire island to experience a few days in the life of a billionaire.

photo source: forbes

3. Larry Page – Eustasia Island 

Former Google founder Larry Page is Sir Richard Branson’s next door (or do you say next island???) neighbor after purchasing Eustatia Island in the British Virgin Islands. Eustasia is completely solar powered and offers luxury villa rentals for guests looking to experience the very best of the BVI.

photo source: caribjournal

4. Larry Ellison – Lanai, Hawaii

Oracle founder and billionaire Larry Ellison is hoping to challenge the British Virgin Island’s status as the billionaire playground, with his purchase in Hawaii.  Ellison has purchase 98% of the Hawaiian island, Lanai, and is transforming it into ‘A billionaire’s vision of paradise’.

photo source: townandcountrymag

5.  John Mallone – Sampson Cay, Exuma Bahamas

John Malone is the largest private land owner in the US – owning over 2.2 million acres of land through the United States.  31 of the acres he owns are Sampson Cay, an island in the Exuma chain the Bahamas.  Sampson Cay is complete with a resort and a yacht marina. 

photo source: cnbc

6.  Dr. Henry Jareki – Guana Island

Dr. Henry Jarecki has called the British Virgin Islands home for nearly 4 decades since purchasing the 850 acre Guana Island in 1978.  Guana Island is home to a luxury eco-resort that is self sustaining and gourmet meals are prepared with fresh produce from the extensive gardens and orchards on site. 

photo source: cntraveller

7.  Leonardo DiCaprio – Blackadore Caye Island 

Although not technically a billionaire, Leonardo DeCaprio has owned his own island off the coast of Belize for the last 10 years.  He is now transforming the island into Blackadore Caye Resort with 36 villas which will run completely off solar power and rain water catchment systems.  Half of the island is also be designated as a wildlife preserve to help reintroduce native flora and fauna.

photo source: educateinspirechange

Which private island is your favorite?? Share this list with a friend and maybe they would be willing to split their lottery winnings and go halves with you on a private island of your own! ???


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A good judge of how well you provision is the amount of food you are trying to give away at the fuel dock at the end of your charter.  This might make you chuckle but most who have chartered before can honestly say...been there done that, more than once! Not that it’s a bad thing for some of the guys at the fuel dock, but here are a few tips that might be of help.

Don't Over Provision! We can’t stress this one enough.

For Breakfast...think about how your group will prefer to eat.  Will you just want to make a pot of coffee for breakfast with each person grabbing a little granola, yogurt and fresh fruit as they wake up one-by-one?  Or is there someone on your charter who is the type to be up at 6:00 a.m. cooking bacon and sausage, ready to make those custom omelettes for everyone else as they rise? And don’t forget, every dish used has to be washed...there are no dishwashers on most bareboat charter yachts!

For Lunch...How often will you will be grabbing a burger at the Burger Shack at the Baths or enjoying a pizza poolside while relaxing at Leverick Bay, or do you plan on staying in secluded areas of deserted islands mid-day most days?

And there’s Dinner...Standing on your yacht in Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke late afternoon, exhausted from a day of snorkeling or paddle boarding with the choice of cooking for 8 versus jumping in the dinghy and heading into Foxy’s for some delicious Caribbean cuisine and island reggie….just sayin’

There is a huge tendency to over-provision when planning a charter. Realistically, there are sooo many good beach bars and restaurants ashore, even those with good intentions get island lazy.  And rightly so. You are on vacation!

Rest assured, if you miss the mark, there are several locations to re-provision at some very lovely little supermarkets throughout the islands.  Check out our map for updated information about these locations.

You Can Never Have Too Much Drinking Water

Although the water on the boat is potable, you really wouldn’t want to drink or cook with it if you don’t have to. We highly recommend that you include plenty of drinking water when ordering provisions for your charter. The general rule is to provide for one gallon of drinking water per person per day. I know, I know that seems like a lot but trust me, you will go through drinking water, especially if you are cooking and making coffee with it.

It is probably wise to start with at least half the recommended amount. Otherwise you might find that you are constantly making island stops to purchase more drinking water.

Green Idea: Purchase the gallon jugs and always keep one or two cold in a cooler. Use water bottles for each charter guest to refill and save the planet from all those individual plastic water bottles.

Check Your Provisions Before Leaving the Dock

We strongly suggest that you go through your order once you arrive at your charter.  The provisioning companies do the best they can to fill your order as placed but don’t be surprised if there are things missing from your list or substitutions made.  You’ll probably find that you will have to hit the Riteway at Nanny Cay for at least a handful of things that weren’t quite the way you hoped for when you placed the order.  

Some of our charter guests prefer to provision the heavy items like canned goods, water, ice and beverages so they are there when they arrive at the boat.  The rest...well they plan a trip to Road Town once on the island to do the balance of their provisioning themselves! That way they are assured that the produce is the freshest available and if substitutions need to be made, that You will be the one making those decisions.

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Whether new to chartering in the BVI or a seasoned veteran, guests are always interested in unique ways to spice up an itinerary to get the most out of their charter vacation. Of course, scoping out the most popular snorkel or dive sites are the first thing that come to mind...nothing wrong with that, but why not take it one step further and add some toys to the mix! Toys aren’t just for kids anymore and can add endless hours of watersport fun to any yacht.

Let start with the simple ones that will enhance all those snorkel trips and maybe even make life a little easier. For weaker swimmers or for those physically challenged why not rent them a snorkel vest or belt for the week to keep them in the water a whole lot longer, and a Dinghy LADDER to get them out a whole lot quicker! Island Surf and Sail in Soper’s Hole Marina on Tortola have just what you need. Not only can you rent high quality toys for the entire length of your charter, but they will also deliver them right to your boat so they are there when you arrive! How sweet is that?!

Stand-Up Paddleboards

For exercise enthusiasts we suggest provisioning your charter with paddleboards. Instead of jumping in that dinghy to explore that deserted little island, hop on a paddleboard and explore by Stand-Up Paddleboard. What a great way to experience the water and get in a workout at the same time. We suggest Marina Cay as one of our top locations for the perfect paddleboarding excursion.


Or perhaps a one or two-person Kayak is more your style. What a peaceful and relaxing way to scavenge the coastline of some of those wonderful coves and bays in the BVI. When you get tired of paddling, take them ashore and hunt for sea glass on some of the sandy white beaches. This would also make a great alternative transportation option if some of your guests are off with the dinghy, allowing for those left behind to come and go as they please.

'Pull Toys'

Then there are what I call, the 'pull toys'. All the things that you can tow behind a RIB (ex: tubes and wakeboards) that are typically a hit amongst the “kids” onboard. You will probably have to save these for the calmer anchorages as they do require a flatter surface without any waves or chop as well as a 25-40HP engine to pull them. Something to keep in mind when you're thinking about upgrading your RIB.

Upgrading Your Rib

While we are on that subject, Island Time in Nanny Cay is a great resource for upgrading your dinghy to a RIB, something we highly recommend not only for pulling toys but to add flexibility to any charter itinerary. It certainly comes in handy during peak charter season when moorings at the popular destinations are hard to come by. With a RIB you can safely travel much further distances once moored, giving guests opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, if limited to the area around the anchorage.

Floats (and not the root beer sort)

And no charter would be complete without water floats, the perfect way to chill around the boat with Painkiller in hand! The Lazy Buns, noodles and the huge floating mats will move the party to the water for sure. Careful though, you may never get them out!

For the adrenaline junkies in your group I know just the thing. These toys might need to stay in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rent them for the day! Experience Flyboarding for the first time and create some unforgettable memories from your bareboat experience. You can also get your hands on some Jet Skis or a Hobie Wave there as well. Blue Rush Watersports at Leverick Bay would be happy to arrange these experiences for you.

And if you have always wanted to try scuba diving but never quite had the time or opportunity, BVI Snuba in Leverick Bay can make those dreams come true without any certifications! Snuba is an amazing underwater adventure that’s fun for the whole family...a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. They would be happy to meet you at your boat in and around Leverick Bay, the Dogs or Scrub Island, just check out their site for more details. BVI Snuba does ask that you have a basic comfort level in the water and require medical and booking forms be completed and received 48 hours in advance of any reservations.

Now you are catching on. Think of all the ways that Toys for Yachts will enhance any charter vacation!

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