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September 14, 2020 by Alexia Lucas

Virgin Charter Yachts would like to provide an update on our charter operations in light of Covid-19.    

Our reservations team is working both in the office and remotely to respond to your questions and charter inquiries.  We are fielding higher than normal call volumes, so we appreciate your patience if you are not able to reach us as quickly as usual.  The fastest and most efficient way to reach us continues to be by email. 

We understand you might have questions about how Covid-19 may affect your currently scheduled charter or a charter you are hoping to book in the future. Please see our Q&A below for answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the BVI opening to tourists?

Hopefully soon!  We are just as anxious to find out as you!  We are still waiting for a formal decision from the BVI Government on when they will allow the borders to be re-opened to tourists.  The Government is assessing the situation daily and is working to finalize their ‘Phase 2’ plan for reopening the BVI borders to tourists.   As an independent country of only 27,000 people, the BVI has limited medical resources, so the  Government has to be cautious.  They are doing everything possible to balance the safety of the local citizens with the need to open the borders to the tourists who are critical to the economic recovery of the BVI.

What about current charters?

At this time, we have reached out to all our guests with charters scheduled through October 31st, 2020, and rescheduled them to alternate dates. While we are sad we cannot welcome our guests, with the decision to keep the BVI borders closed we unfortunately had no other choice. 

Any customers who were scheduled to travel before October 31st, 2020 will be provided the opportunity to reschedule their charter to any future dates within the next 12 months.  All charter funds that have already been paid will be applied toward the newly rescheduled charter. 

What if I have a charter scheduled to occur after October 31st?

Since we don’t have a firm date from the BVI Government through which the borders are closed, we are not yet rescheduling charters past October 31st.  We are reviewing the situation weekly and will continue to reach out to affected guests as needed.  If the borders continue to remain shut past October 31st, we will allow clients who are still not permitted to travel at the time of their charter the same opportunity to reschedule their charter as we have for previously affected guests. 

Can I book a new charter for future 2020/2021 dates?

Yes, absolutely!  We are happy to take new reservations for 2020 and 2021!  To provide you with added reassurance, we have updated our charter policies for new bookings in light of Covid-19.  If you book a new charter and at the time of your charter you are not able to come on charter due to a travel ban from Covid-19 we will allow you the opportunity to reschedule your charter for any time in the next 12 months.  Any charter funds already paid will be applied toward your future charter. 

What if I have an upcoming charter and the final balance is due?

Our standard payment terms are 25% due at the time of booking, 25% due 6 months prior to charter start and 50% is due 60 days prior to the charter start.  

For charters scheduled to start prior to Dec 1st, we have relaxed our payment terms to provide more flexibility for our guests in light of Covid-19.  Instead of charging the 50% balance 60 days prior to the charter start date, we are now collecting 25% 60 days prior to the charter start date, and the final 25% balance 30 days prior to the charter start date.  These payments are run automatically and in accordance with the payment terms on our booking forms.

Other Questions?
Please reach out to our team at or call 1-284-495-2526 and we would be happy to assist you further!  Hopefully, it will be ‘smoother sailing’ for us all soon!

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