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September 14, 2020 by Alexia Lucas
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Updated Oct 3, 2021:

As of Oct 1st, the BVI eliminated the need to complete the BVI portal prior to entry! This applies if you are fully vaccinated or a minor (17 years or under) traveling with a vaccinated adult.

The newest arrival information from the BVI Tourist Board states:

  • Fully vaccinated guests will no longer be required to apply for entry through the BVI gateway portal application.
  • Vaccinated minors – travellers age of 17 or under who are travelling with vaccinated parents or guardians — will also be exempted from the BVI gateway portal while being subjected to similar stringent measures.
  • Upon entry into the territory, each vaccinated traveller must provide the results of a negative COVID-19 PCR test or antigen rapid test that is no older than five days - this CANNOT be a home test, it must be completed by a lab. They are also required to present valid proof of vaccination and Covid insurance coverage. Options for insurance include:
  • Guests will have a rapid antigen test done upon arrival in BVI. Travelers must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for their antigent test at their port of entry to BVI:
  • Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers as well as unaccompanied minors (who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated), or any other persons not covered by the fully vaccinated portal exemption protocols, will still be subject to using the gateway portal to obtain entry to the BVI

This is great news and just one more positive step toward making the entry process for our guests quick and easy!

Updated Aug 1, 2021:

Virgin Charter Yachts would like to provide an update on entering BVI in light of Covid-19.    

The BVI has been open to tourists since Dec 1, 2021. We are happy to say the entry process continues to get easier every month that goes by! For charter guests who are fully vaccinated (defined as 2 weeks following your second dose) the simple protocols are as follows:

  • 5 days before arriving in BVI complete a negative Covid test in the USA. This can be either a rapid Antigen test or a PCR test, but it must be done in a lab (you may not do the home test for entry to BVI).
  • Once you arrive in the BVI there is NO QUARANTINE TIME, you proceed right to your yacht from the ferry/airport and can head out on the water and visit any of our beautiufal beaches, go to any of the beach bars, restaurants etc. immediately
  • Kids 17 and under do not need to be vaccinated, and they also do not need to quarantine as long as they travel with fully-vaccinated adults. Kids are allowed to go with the adults in their group to any of the bars, restaurants etc. from the moment they arrive in BVI. There is no additional testing required for kids during your time in BVI
  • All the bars and restaurants in BVI are open for in-person dining and they are thrilled to welcome tourists to their establishments!
  • Currently, the USA is requiring a negative Covid Antigen test in order to return to the USA. We recommend that before arriving, guests purchase the home antigen tests from The USA is accepting test resulta specifically from Emed, as they proctor your home test. You will login to the Emed site and conduct the test yourself while they watch on-line, and then they will email you your results. You upload the results to either the St. Thomas or Puerto Rico portal for re-entry into the USA. With the home test, you can take the test on your charter yacht wherever you are and at whatever time you want, so you don't have to change any of your interary plans or alter your charter route for a test.
  • That's it!

Although social media can be great, it also can spread lots of misinformation. All of us at Virgin Charter Yachts actually live in the BVI. Since we are on the ground in BVI, we have access to the most accurate and timely updates from the BVI government and we can assure you that we will provide you the most current information. We also frequently travel back and forth between BVI, St. Thomas as the USA mainland so we have extensive experience with the arrival and portal process.

Other Questions?
Please reach out to our team at or call 1-284-495-2526 and we would be happy to assist you further!  Hopefully, it will be ‘smoother sailing’ for us all soon!

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