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November 19, 2018 by pilasterdigital

Whether new to chartering in the BVI or a seasoned veteran, guests are always interested in unique ways to spice up an itinerary to get the most out of their charter vacation. Of course, scoping out the most popular snorkel or dive sites are the first thing that come to mind...nothing wrong with that, but why not take it one step further and add some toys to the mix! Toys aren’t just for kids anymore and can add endless hours of watersport fun to any yacht.

Let start with the simple ones that will enhance all those snorkel trips and maybe even make life a little easier. For weaker swimmers or for those physically challenged why not rent them a snorkel vest or belt for the week to keep them in the water a whole lot longer, and a Dinghy LADDER to get them out a whole lot quicker! Island Surf and Sail in Soper’s Hole Marina on Tortola have just what you need. Not only can you rent high quality toys for the entire length of your charter, but they will also deliver them right to your boat so they are there when you arrive! How sweet is that?!

Stand-Up Paddleboards

For exercise enthusiasts we suggest provisioning your charter with paddleboards. Instead of jumping in that dinghy to explore that deserted little island, hop on a paddleboard and explore by Stand-Up Paddleboard. What a great way to experience the water and get in a workout at the same time. We suggest Marina Cay as one of our top locations for the perfect paddleboarding excursion.


Or perhaps a one or two-person Kayak is more your style. What a peaceful and relaxing way to scavenge the coastline of some of those wonderful coves and bays in the BVI. When you get tired of paddling, take them ashore and hunt for sea glass on some of the sandy white beaches. This would also make a great alternative transportation option if some of your guests are off with the dinghy, allowing for those left behind to come and go as they please.

'Pull Toys'

Then there are what I call, the 'pull toys'. All the things that you can tow behind a RIB (ex: tubes and wakeboards) that are typically a hit amongst the “kids” onboard. You will probably have to save these for the calmer anchorages as they do require a flatter surface without any waves or chop as well as a 25-40HP engine to pull them. Something to keep in mind when you're thinking about upgrading your RIB.

Upgrading Your Rib

While we are on that subject, Island Time in Nanny Cay is a great resource for upgrading your dinghy to a RIB, something we highly recommend not only for pulling toys but to add flexibility to any charter itinerary. It certainly comes in handy during peak charter season when moorings at the popular destinations are hard to come by. With a RIB you can safely travel much further distances once moored, giving guests opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have, if limited to the area around the anchorage.

Floats (and not the root beer sort)

And no charter would be complete without water floats, the perfect way to chill around the boat with Painkiller in hand! The Lazy Buns, noodles and the huge floating mats will move the party to the water for sure. Careful though, you may never get them out!

For the adrenaline junkies in your group I know just the thing. These toys might need to stay in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rent them for the day! Experience Flyboarding for the first time and create some unforgettable memories from your bareboat experience. You can also get your hands on some Jet Skis or a Hobie Wave there as well. Blue Rush Watersports at Leverick Bay would be happy to arrange these experiences for you.

And if you have always wanted to try scuba diving but never quite had the time or opportunity, BVI Snuba in Leverick Bay can make those dreams come true without any certifications! Snuba is an amazing underwater adventure that’s fun for the whole family...a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving. They would be happy to meet you at your boat in and around Leverick Bay, the Dogs or Scrub Island, just check out their site for more details. BVI Snuba does ask that you have a basic comfort level in the water and require medical and booking forms be completed and received 48 hours in advance of any reservations.

Now you are catching on. Think of all the ways that Toys for Yachts will enhance any charter vacation!

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